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Rich detail, a plot that lasts for a solid eight innings and a genuinely likable heroine give Meyer’s conventional chick lit entry sparkle. At 32, Jacquie Stuart has pals who look out for her, an East Village miniloft that she owns, a managing editor’s job at a tiny but respected film magazine and a history of falling for guys who don’t want to commit. Witnessing her sister Alicia’s and her co-worker Samantha’s real estate–based romantic successes, Jacquie pitches an article to a well-paying women’s mag proposing that pretending to apartment-hunt is the ideal way to meet men (“a guy’s home doesn’t lie”) and gets assigned the piece. After meeting a few frogs, Jacquie clicks with Anthony, a documentarian living in Williamsburg. Jacquie makes sacrifices, and old patterns soon start to emerge, leaving her with hard decisions. Elements of the denouement are convenient to say the least, but Meyer gives Jacquie some terrific foils (in friends Courtney and gay man Jeremy), and has poignant things to say about the struggle to find the right person.

- Publishers Weekly

Unlucky-in-love magazine editor Jacquie may have found the way to meet a man and land an article in a
major woman’s magazine. Though she’s just bought her dream New York apartment, she begins perusing
roommate-wanted ads, looking not for the perfect pad but the perfect guy. After visiting a few apartments
and scoring a few dates, Jacquie has the fodder for her article but not a perfect ending. Then she meets
Anthony, and much to the chagrin of her friends and family, she sublets her place and moves into his. This
tale about a single woman searching for love in the big city could easily seem formulaic, but Meyer’s
debut is smart, hip, and full of surprises. Readers are sure to be charmed by this story of a woman who
realizes a sense of place can be as important as finding love.

Aleksandra Kostovski, Booklist

Andrea Meyer has turned her real-life quest for romance into literary gold! Using an apartment hunt as a guise for meeting men not only strikes me as a brilliant, ballsy strategy; it also makes for a brilliant, ballsy novel!”

- Karen Salmansohn, author of Girl Wonders

"Andrea Meyer's debut novel is hilarious and fun. A roller-coaster ride where the worlds of real estate and love collide in a fast paced, witty read. A real treat!"

- Isabel Rose, author of The J.A.P. Chronicles

"Room for Love offers a laugh-out-loud funny, sizzling yet soulful urban story of sex and square feet."

-Susan Shapiro, author of Lighting Up & Five Men Who Broke My Heart

"Room for Love is a delightful read for any woman searching for that proverbial room of one’s own. With writing that glitters like the NYC skyline itself, it’s a smart and sexy urban romp that’ll have everyone calling Meyer the downtown Candace Bushnell."

-Erin Torneo, coauthor of The Bridal Wave: A Survival Guide to the Everyone-I-Know-is-Getting-Married Years 

“Hip and endearing all at the same time, Andrea Meyer’s debut novel is a must read.  Her characters are people you’d like to be friends with.  Absolutely fabulous!”

– Dee Davis, author of A Match Made on Madison

Andrea Meyer has written a captivating and classic New York love story—the search for love through real estate—in a city where both seem equally elusive.   It will give anyone hope who still has an empty space on one side of their queen bed.

- Liz Tuccillo, author of He’s Just Not That Into You

“Readers will be rooting for Jacquie as she bravely navigates the turbulent territories of love and real estate in NYC.”

–Melissa Clark, author of Swimming Upstream, Slowly

“A funny and sexy debut with a delightful heroine and clever premise.  Gives ‘room for rent’ a whole new meaning.”

–Karen Mack, author of Literacy and Longing in LA

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